Sonntag, 21. August 2016

How to get Flight Hours

How to get Air Time
Everybody can support Nanuq 2017


With no doubt, for mastering the Nanuq 2017 challenge successful, I need to have as much airtime as possible. To develop skills and to train under all expectable conditions.

The financial efforts for chartering an aircraft are quite high. As Nanuq 2017 is a non profit project, having as financial sources only my own engagement and the support of a handful of supporters and sponsors I’m seeking for support for getting the required airtime.

So I’m offering roundtrips in the Breezer B400 from the area of Munich over Munich City, the Alps, the Kings Castles or anywhere else you want to go.

Here some pictures of happy guests, who made already the great experience of flying with an Micro Light Aircraft (Ultraleicht Flugzeug)

You can book the flights directly with me under or via the booking platform: (search for flights ex Mühldorf or EDMY

Prices reach from 90-120 EURO/hr.

Become part of the project NANUQ 2017!

Book your sight-seeing-flight now!

Request free slots under


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