Sonntag, 21. August 2016

Give the Plane a Shine

Give the plane a shine

Some weeks ago I promised to introduce my supporters and sponsors. As I accept supporters an sponsors only, if I'm convinced of their products and services, I had to take some time to check the products of LIQUY MOLY Aero.

Thomas Hauptmann, founder and owner of THTEC is my German contact. As a passionated pilot (he has a C172 in cool painting!) he was one of the first reassuring me and my plan to fly to Greenland. He is giving me support, and has always an idea, if I show up with a new question.

We've arranged a meeting at the Airfield of Eggenfelden (EDME) where Thomas was supporting the German AOPA Meeting. Thomas delivered my a huge box with cleaning and care products of the Liquy Moly Aero Line:

  • Aero Windshield Cleaner
  • Aero Aircraft Cleaner
  • Aero Paint Restorer
  • Aero Speedwax and some Cleaning Micro Rags

Well, Thomas isn't a bad salesman, so he nearly convinced me already in Eggenfelden, that the 1.000-hrs-Breezer from our Flight Club Mühldorf (EDMY) will look like new after the treatment with his stuff.

But I've seen and heard so many sales people telling about their "wonderstuff", so I wanted to give it a try, before I present his products.

I could convince friends of mine from India and my daughter Sandra to teamwork on a complete cleanup of the Breezer D-MDDK.

Pradeeptee and John took care of the outside (main wings) Sandra cared for the glass part and I declared war to the engine liquid traces under the aircraft and midges and flies on rudder and elevator.

First round was with the Liquy Moly Aircraft Cleaner. We sprayed and wiped afterwards with the Cleaning Rags, provided by Thomas. The bodies of hundreds of midges have been washed away, and my Aircraft Shiner Team was close to a physical break down.  ;-)

Though we finished the Breezer within 90 minutes complete. And believe me : there have been midges, which have made the maiden flight of this aircraft!

At no wing we had to make more then one run. Exception was the bottom side of the cowling. The engine liquids, which have legt their traces since many years, had to be made two times.

But it was worth it: the aircraft was clean.

Though, after so many years the paint didn't look fresh. So we started to treat it with the AERO Paint Restorer. Nice result. The color was shining fresh, and looked not 10 years old. Difficult to see on the photos, but believe me: the white parts look white again!

While we have treated the body, Sandra was working the windshields from inside to outside. A spray on the plexiglass, waiting for a moment and wiping dry with the Micro Rags from Thomas. Speaking -free, removing any remaining of past cleaning attempts. Outside all midges and flies have been removed smoothly, no scratch or other deposits.

Result is a clear, streaking-free windshield. No irritations against the sun. Photos can be captured in a good quality THOUGH the windshield.

Overall the care products have been of a very high quality. Thomas didn't oversell. Due to a lack of time, we couldn't treat the Breezer with the Aero Speedwax. This will be done inner next cleaning action.

Easy to use, great result: Liquy Moly Aero Care Products have convinced my team and me 100 %!

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