Sonntag, 26. Juni 2016

Airborne Again

As those of you, who follow my flight career, know there has been a major incident some weeks ago at the Jesenwang Airport (EDMJ). A pilot crashed with an aircraft after taking off. Beside the human tragedy of two victims, my training aircraft Breezer B400 got fatally destroyed.

Since one week there is a replacement aircraft based in Jesenwang, the Breezer B 400 D-MABR. This aircraft was designed as demonstration aircraft. Therefore we see now one of the most beautiful planes currently in duty:

To get not stuck in my preparations again (there might always be a technical issue grounding an aircraft), I'll use a second aircraft from next week on:

the Breezer B 400 D-MDDK, based at Mühldorf Airport (EDMY).

Not that nice design, but the same reliable aircraft.

Mühldorf (EDMY) will become my new "Homebase" from next week on, Jesenwang will become the backup.

As always in flying, redundancy is one of the key issues.

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